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Do you want to cut through the bureaucratic red tape that constrains our social safety net? Will you be on the team that restores the dignity of people living on the streets by helping them reclaim their identity and future? Can you help build a secure, flexible, blockchain-enabled system that improves access, cost-effectiveness, and accountability for the services society needs to end homelessness?

The City of Austin Office of Innovation is looking for a few intrinsically motivated and highly ethical individuals to work on MyPass – an ambitious grant-funded design and development project to help people experiencing homelessness secure their identity and access services using blockchain-based technology. Grant constraints limit us to a multidisciplinary, human-centered team of four with skills in product development, service design, user research, engineering, and delivery to do the following in one year:

  • Develop and test a minimum viable product to create a blockchain-based digital platform (MyPass)…

  • that will allow people experiencing homelessness to securely and permanently store, validate, and automatically package and submit information needed to access health and social services.

  • Digital documents will be linked to an account accessible on any device. Clients will retain complete ownership of personal information, even after resolving their homelessness or receiving care from providers. Clients will be able to remove any reference to personal data from the platform at any time.

MyPass is intended to empower clients with their own history, enable self-advocacy, and catalyze client-centered care.

The minimum viable product will result in (1) open-source data, transaction, and design standards that will enable service integration; (2) a web-based application that uses these standards to allow clients to store, combine, and share the information needed to access services; and (3) learnings to help a coalition of partners to continue to development.


If you’re interested in working on the project, please fill out the recuiting form, where you’ll tell us about your skills and talents, and include your resume and a link (or attachment) to your portfolio of work.

Employment Details

Team members will become temporary employees of the City of Austin for approximately one year. Employment terminates once the grant funding expires. Salary will range from approximately $75,000 to $100,000 depending on the position and experience. Temporary City positions are not eligible for health insurance, but are eligible for accrued sick leave. Team members will be given administrative leave for official City holidays, for the week of Thanksgiving, and for the time between Christmas and New Years.

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