Design, Technology, and Innovation Projects

GraphQL is as cool as everyone says it is

Among other things, GraphQL is a great choice for us because it’s modern and open. Turns out those things are really important! So we talked about it at our sprint review.

Being a developer is even cooler

As developers, we use GitHub every day. It’s exciting to see other teams adopt it as part of their workflow, especially when they can use GitHub for their projects. We recently hosted our first NerdShop, where everyone learned some basics of git and GitHub. Don’t know if you should watch the NerdShop? 7 out of 7 people called it “worth [their] time.”

We’ve also been teaching a few people HTML, CSS, and other frontend development techniques. They’ve been using the new skills to develop their very own prototypes 🎉 !

Generating a static site isn’t as easy as everyone says it is

We’ve previously espoused the great virtues of static site generation. However, we’re also seeing that there are downsides to static site generation that might prevent it from being being a viable permanent solution.

Serving translated content is just as hard as everyone says it is

We have to think about translating static content (think of text like “Department” or “Health and Safety”) as well as dynamic content created by authors (think of text that describes how to recycle paint). We also need to consider things like right-to-left languages like Arabic and researching how browsers handle Chinese languages.