Design, Technology, and Innovation Projects

Our funshops are providing content creators with an in-person training to dive deeper into the style guide, explore why they don’t need to transition all of their current content onto the new site, and learn how to transition their content to the new site starting with their most vital services. From games to quizzes to film-like scenarios, the training is so interactive that the learnings are bound to stick.

We’ve hosted two funshops within the last month, and we received a lot of great feedback. We’re excited that the people responsible for creating content want to learn how to make information on the city website more accessible; and that we can make this training a fun experience for them. Our first Funshop had six attendees, with four departments represented. Two groups of women review a document

Our second Funshop took place during Austin Design Week, and it was a City of Austin employee-only event. We had 20 attendees and 16 departments represented! A group of 20 people watches a presentation

We heard loud and clear that there is a need for training like this, and we’re excited to have people spreading the word that the funshops are here.

This funshop is the first in a series of three. The second session will focus on understanding when to transition and when to archive content, and the final session will help content authors manage the content they’ve already created, as well as coaching them through as they transition content onto the new site. While we’re still designing them, we know one thing for sure- they’re going to be fun!