Design, Technology, and Innovation Projects

Core team

  • Adam Wiedeman, Project Manager
  • Amenity Applewhite, Product Manager
  • Ashlee Harris, Content Strategist
  • Ben Weatherman, Software Developer
  • Brian Smith, Software Developer
  • Céline Thibault, User Researcher and UX Designer
  • Courtney Morgan, Content Strategist
  • Farah Muscadin, Project Manager
  • Julia Byron, User Researcher and UX Designer
  • Laura Trujillo, Content Strategist
  • Marni Wilhite, Program Manager
  • Mateo Clarke, Software Developer
  • Mireya Galarza, User Researcher
  • Simi Damani, Software Developer

Advisory & support teams

  • Aaron Wagner, Senior Developer
  • Ben Guhin, Senior Design & Technology Advisor
  • Brian Morris, Senior IT Business Systems Analyst
  • Brion Oaks, Chief Equity Officer
  • Bryce Bencivengo, Senior Public Information Specialist
  • Charles Purma, Information System & Business Enterprise Manager
  • Daniel Honker, Senior Business Process Consultant
  • Diana Turner, Research & User Experience Lead
  • Divya Rathanlal, IT Supervisor
  • Doug Matthews, Chief Communications Manager
  • Emlea Chanslor, Public Information & Marketing Manager
  • Greg Hand, Information System and Business Enterprise Manager
  • Hillary Funk, IT User Experience Analyst Senior
  • John Clary, Senior Geospatial Analyst
  • Jorge Ortega, Marketing Representative
  • Kamran Karimi, IT Corporate Manager
  • Keri Greenwalt, Digital Graphic Designer
  • Kevin Williams, Chief Information Security Officer
  • Khalil Shalabi, Vice President
  • Kim Olivares, Chief Performance Officer
  • Lucia Athens, Chief Sustainability Officer
  • Matt Esquibel, IT Corporate Manager
  • Maya Coleman, Information System and Business Enterprise Manager
  • Paul Cook, Senior Business Process Consultant
  • Ross Clark, IT Corporate Manager
  • Ruben Garcia, Research Analyst
  • Stephen Elkins, Chief Information Officer
  • Tarek Moussa, Information Security Analyst
  • Yasmin Wagner, Web & Creative Services Manager


Outreach is fundamental to our approach. We couldn’t do what we’re doing without the advice and support of our civic tech friends.