Design, Technology, and Innovation Projects

After four weeks of analyzing hundreds of post-its, we are happy to present the findings of our research.

Framework Image

Research Deliverables

Written Report. This document is a comprehensive write-up of our key research findings. The document includes the following deliverables:

  • framework (see above image)
  • series of quotes, insights, and opportunity areas
  • selected participant videos (see below)
  • behavioral personas

Videos. These selected participant videos accompany the above written report.

Share-out Sessions

External Share-out

The research findings were shared with the public during an evening presentation at City Hall on January 19, 2017. The session included a review of the insights, videos, opportunity areas, and personas. Members of the public shared their thoughts about the research findings and had the opportunity to ask more questions.

Video Recording. This is a recording of the public share-out session.

Presentation. This is the presentation shared at this public session. We recommend reviewing this along with the video recording or refer to the Written Report for more more details and context.

Public Share-out

Internal Share-out

These research findings were first presented at a share-out session with members of the project advisory team and other ARR staff. This session included a comprehensive review of the research findings, discussions, and a concepting workshop where participants illustrated and shared ideas inspired by the research.

Share-out Presentation Image

Share-out Drawing Image