Design, Technology, and Innovation Projects

After four months of prototyping and testing potential solutions with Austin residents, we are happy to present the final products.

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Final Products

Household Sorting Guide


Research Insight: Single stream rules are so confusing that almost nobody does it perfectly.

Product: We created a beginner’s guide to proper disposal in Austin. The guide addresses confusing items. If residents want additional information, they can turn to more advanced resources like What-Do-I-Do website or Recycling and Reuse Drop-off Center brochure.

Sorting Guide\ Learn More: Sorting Guide

Sorting Game


Research Observations: ARR outreach events mostly consist of lecture style conversations with event attendees.

Product: The Sorting Game is a tool for interactive learning at outreach events. Inspired by the Sorting Guide, the Sorting Game allows residents and city employees to test their recycling knowledge in a low pressure format while reinforcing the information listed in the Sorting Guide.

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Dual Bin Program


Research Insight: When space is limited, making room for recycling feels like a personal sacrifice.

Product: The Dual Bin Program gives residents who do not having a reliable recycling set up at home a space-saving solution. Residents can get a free dual recycling and trash bin after attending an in-person recycling class. This is modeled after the Compost Rebate Program.

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Outreach Tool

OutreachTool Digital with iPad.png

Framework Insight: Residents need strength in 2 out of 3 framework areas (knowledge, ability, motivation) to recycle well.

Product: The outreach tool gives ARR staff and volunteers a way to address knowledge, ability, and motivation in their outreach efforts. Instead of conducting the same knowledge transfer in each outreach interaction, this tool enables staff to listen in a structured way and quickly assess what the resident needs.

Outreach Tool\ Learn More: Outreach Tool

Content Strategy


Research Observation: Austin Resource Recovery needed a reliable reference tool for recalling personas and applying them to programs & content.

Product: The Content Strategy guides Austin Resource Recovery teams and partners in drafting proposals, planning programs and campaigns, and creating content. Artifacts created to support the content strategy includes a Content Canvas, an Editorial Calendar, and Persona Posters.

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