Design, Technology, and Innovation Projects

Core Team

The Core team works on the project on a daily basis.

Katherine Duong, Design Researcher & Designer • Design, Technology, & Innovation Fellows

Céline Thibault, Design Researcher & Designer • Design, Technology, & Innovation Fellows

Marni Wilhite, Project Manager • Design, Technology, & Innovation Fellows

Amalie Barras, Design and Testing • Design, Technology, & Innovation Fellows

Laura Trujillo, Content Strategist • Design, Technology, & Innovation Fellows

Ron Neumond, Zero Waste Program Development • Austin Resource Recovery

Emlea Chanslor, PIO Marketing Manager • Austin Resource Recovery

Aiden Cohen, Environmental Conservation Program Manager • Austin Resource Recovery

Gena McKinley, Marketing Communications Consultant • Austin Resource Recovery

Advisory Team

The Advisory team meets for regular, bi-weekly sprint reviews.

Memi Cardenas, Residential Outreach

Susanne Harm, Business and Multifamily Outreach

Jennifer Denton, Community Engagement, Block Leader Program

Heidi Wong, Graphic Design

Keri Greenwalt, Graphic Design

Thomas Gleason, Business Outreach

Melissa Goodman, Employee Comms & Marketing

Woody Raine, Zero Waste Policy

Teresa Chapman, Business Outreach

Jorge Ortega, Marketing Representative

Selene Castillo, Waste Diversion Planner

Ashley Pace, Operations Manager • Innovation Office

Amy Petri • Office of Sustainability

Ilya Schmulenson • Keep Austin Beautiful

Darien Clary • Austin Independent School District

Mindy Reed • Recycled Reads

image of Advisory Team