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Here you’ll find articles and other media coverage about this project. Some articles are authored by journalists in the community sharing their reflection and recap of the project. Other articles are blog posts written by project team members as a way for us to share perspective and reflections about the project.

Celine interviewed by ATXN

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Understanding Recycling in Austin, Texas by Céline Thibault

The Harmony of Qualitative and Quantitative Research by Amalie Barras

What we learned about how Austinites recycle by Katherine Duong

How we’re using Rapid Prototyping in Local Government by Céline Thibault

Prototyping and Design, Round 3 by Amalie Barras

Drafting a Shared Vision for Recycling in Austin, Texas by Céline Thibault

Using Recycling Research Learnings as a Roadmap for Design by Céline Thibault

The Mechanics of Bringing Clients Along the Design Process by Katherine Duong

Designing a Content Strategy with a North Star by Laura Trujillo

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