Design, Technology, and Innovation Projects

The City of Austin identified several priority outcome areas to focus its efforts on through 2023. We know that these challenges are complex, affect our entire community, and that the City organization can’t address them alone.

We also know that social entrepreneurs in Austin are developing innovative solutions to address these challenges – solutions that could work alongside the City’s efforts and make our collective impact even stronger. That’s why we’re investing $15K each in up to six Austin Impact Hub 2019 accelerator participants to further develop their solutions and create evidence around how they may work in a municipal context.

Apply for the Social Innovation Grant

Grant Details

Grant awardees will validate whether their solutions, products, or services have a municipal purpose, and what that relationship with local and regional governments might be. The grant award is meant to give you support as you focus on developing your solution, and add capacity to gather evidence on potential Strategic Direction alignment and public sector market fit.

Throughout the accelerator, you’ll gather evidence around the following lines of inquiry:

  • How might your solution contribute to the Economic Opportunity and Affordability outcome area of the City’s Strategic Direction 2023?
  • How might your solution work in a public policy setting?

Grant awardees will provide the Innovation Office monthly progress reports, as well as a full report at the end of the accelerator. Reports will adhere to Nesta Evidence Standards Levels 2 and 3, including:

  • Development milestones
  • Project outcomes
  • How your solution is contributing to the community indicator metrics associated with the Economic Opportunity and Affordability outcome area of Strategic Direction 2023
  • Evaluation methods and results
  • User feedback and results
  • Key learnings and next steps
  • Grant budget synopsis

If you think your solution might align with the City’s strategic efforts, we encourage you to apply! If you have more questions, check out the FAQs or contact us.

Apply for the Social Innovation Grant

You must apply and be accepted into the Imapct Hub Accelerator to receive a Social Innovation Grant. You can find out more about the Impact Hub Austin Accelerator and apply here.