Design, Technology, and Innovation Projects

Personalized e-government services increase citizen satisfaction and compliance while reducing mistakes and misunderstandings that can occur when they are forced to dig up information on their own. - Darren Bates in The Secret Sauce of a Successful Smart City.


Demonstrate tangible outcomes and experiences for the Austin community.

Value Proposition

A belief from the customer about how value (benefit) will be delivered, experienced and acquired.

Data as a Service

Reusable, open data and open interfaces (APIs), enable data from one service to be combined with data from another to create interesting data combinations and integrations.

Discovery phase feedback that led to this section

During and after the April 18, 2017 Smart Cities Council Readiness Workshop, we asked for advice from participants through an insights campaign. We learned:

“The City should value data as an asset in service delivery and partnerships in ways that: 1) respect intellectual property; 2) assess the cost of unauthorized disclosure; 3) address data ownership; and, 4) inform partnerships.”

“Contributors suggest that the City needs to facilitate connections and leverage existing programs supporting City Council outcomes.”

Challenge areas identified

  • How might we value data as an asset in our service delivery and in our partnerships?
  • How might we define and provide guidance for data ownership and intellectual property in City projects?