Design, Technology, and Innovation Projects

Current Design Concepts

Based on what we learned in the research phase, we have been designing and testing mockups for how the project tracking tool might look.

As of November 2017, we are testing these mockups and will post new iterations leading up to the launch of the tool.

Mockup: Project tracking home page

Mockup of the home page. Displays an overview of projects by city goal: Mobility, Safety, Health, Cultural & Learning, Economic Affordability, and Government that Works. Each goal has a description of the goal, as well as a listing of the recently updated projects within it. Each goal also lists the number of projects within each stage: Planning, Learning, Implementing, Complete.

Mockup: View of all projects

Mockup of a view of all projects. Displays each project as a card that contains an image, name of the project, short description, lead department, and city goals it corresponds to. Above the card view of projects are several filters. Users would be able to filter by goal (Mobility, Safety, Economic Opportunity, Health, Cultural & Learning, and Government that Works), stage, and lead department. Users would also be able to toggle between a card view and list view of projects.

Mockup: Project page

Mockup of project page. This is what users would see if they clicked into one project to learn more. Page contains a short description of the project, project budget, funding source, who's involved (which City departments and outside partners), City goals the project corresponds to, and a human point of contact and email address.