Design, Technology, and Innovation Projects

Here are details about the Equitable Green Jobs Grant program. Please note that the grant applicaiton is closed. If you have questions about the grant, please send them to Daniel Culotta in the City of Austin Innovation Officeat

Request for Grant Application Form

If you would like a pdf version of the Request for Grant Applicantions form, you can find it here.

Grant Amount and Term

Multiple awards will be made, ranging from $10,000-$50,000 for either:

  1. Research grants: Research into effective equitable workforce development approaches for communities of color, and/or research into the green jobs sector, or
  2. Pathway grants: Proposals to catalyze pathways to green job opportunities through partnerships and ideas.

Grant Term

  1. Research grants should be completed within 90 days of grant award.
  2. Pathways grants should be completed within 9 months of grant award.

Grant Eligibility

Organizational status: To be eligible for this funding, organizations should not be on the City’s debarment list. Organizations that have a documented negative performance with the City may be deemed ineligible for award (This must be formally documented in a previous contract file).

Applicants may apply jointly, however, dispersal of grant funds shall be made directly to the primary organization / sole fiscal sponsor only.

Evaluation Criteria

Demonstrable experience working with the population in focus. In your application, please provide background on your experiencing serving the population in focus.

Semi-formal cooperation between two different types of organizations

Preference will be given to respondents who establish a cooperating agreement between at least two different types of organizations:

  1. A trusted community-based organization involved in a wide range of community services in place-based interventions (map in Section 5.0), that has experience in any of the following:
    • Community organizing
    • Youth engagement, training, or leadership development
    • Experience helping community members understand, navigate, or access programs or services;
  2. A trade association, technical training institution, or employer focused on one or more of the following types of green job sectors:
    • Building design, construction, and operations
    • Water systems
    • Transportation systems
    • Urban design and landscaping
    • Agriculture and food production
    • Waste management
    • Energy production, systems, and management

The agreement to cooperate should establish a semi-formal relationship to share information and allow for some programmatic coordination over the term of the grant to enable a higher likelihood of success. The agreement to cooperate can be submitted as a letter to accompany the application.

Any more formal collaboration or partnership between organizations is at the discretion of those organizations, and is not required as a preferential condition. Should organizations decide to sub-contract, note that subcontractors should also be registered to do business with the City of Austin prior to applying.

Grant funds shall be distributed directly to the primary organization / sole fiscal sponsor only.

Eligible Activities

Locally-based research into effective equitable workforce development approaches and/or the green jobs sector, including:

  • Quantitative research – economic and job data, surveys
  • Qualitative research – interviews or focus groups with the population and employers in focus

(note: locally-based means that travel outside Central Texas is not an eligible research activity)

Applications to catalyze pathways to green job opportunities can include:

  • Incubator with small grants for a cohort of applicants
  • Demonstration projects
  • Scholarships
  • Events, such as pitch-style events, to raise awareness, excitement, and match-making of organizations and individuals


Grantee’s Responsibilities

  • Furnish all necessary services, personnel, supplies, equipment, and facilities required to produce deliverables.
  • Utilize culturally and linguistically appropriate practices, including using plain, non-technical language and professional translation into Spanish.
  • Engage members of the population to be served and organizations to gather recommendations and feedback.
  • Engage in a feedback loop with the intended population to be served, and make changes in response to feedback received.
  • Produce interim and final reports to be shared openly and inclusively with the broader Austin community.

City’s Responsibilities

  • Exercise general oversight in the contractor’s completion of and acceptability of the work.
  • Resolve questions, provide timely feedback as needed by participating in conference calls, as needed.
  • Provide any available, useful data to help focus on the population to be served.

Evaluation Factors

Applications will be evaluated on the following factors:

  • Work Plan and Approach
  • Applicable Experience
  • Cost Proposal
  • Local Presence

If you have questions about the grant, please send them to Daniel Culotta in the City of Austin Innovation Office at