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A Nested Team Approach

The Bloomberg Austin iTeam uses a nested team approach, which consists of four categories.

Core Team: those who work on the project every day, share office space, and participate in all Stand-Ups, Sprint Planning, Sprint Reviews, and Sprint Retrospectives. A Project Manager manages daily processes for the team, and is the primary point of contact with all stakeholders.

Project Partners: subject matter experts relevant to the project who help the Core Team identify and connect with research participants and other experts. Current Project Partners are Homeless Outreach Street Team (HOST), the Dell Medical School, and the Homelessness Advisory Council of Austin (HACA). This team may expand as needed.

The Project Executive Team: a small group of individuals, primarily City Leadership, who have the final sign-off on project decisions based on the core team’s recommendations. Receives a weekly progress report.

**The Awareness Group **consists of anyone who may be interested in the progress of the project, including City staff, and members of the public.

Nested Teams Graphic

Core Team

The Bloomberg core innovation team working on the project consists of:

iTeam Core Team Photos

and our wonderful team of interns:

iTeam Interns Photos