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The Service Hustle for Homelessness

The Service Hustle is a weekend-long workshop to co-create and prototype new service concepts for the city’s homelessness system. Focusing on problems of storage, employment, pets, safety, etc, teams of design & innovation professionals, people experiencing homelessness, and front line staff of homelessness services will spend the weekend collaborating toward solutions that will help solve these problems! Activities will include brainstorming, concepting, eating!, making, sharing, AND KARAOKE!

  • When: Friday, June 1 - Sunday, June 3 (all weekend, meals provided)

  • Where: Faulk Library, 800 Guadalupe St

  • Topic Areas: Storage, Transportation, People with Pets, Staying Housed, Gaining Employment, Safety, Relaxation, and Awareness

Service Hustle

We’ve got over 40 design professionals signed up to attend this event! We’re now looking for people from the streets and front line staff of homelessness services to bring the real value to the event: your experience! Please sign up for any of the time slots that you can attend during your registration, linked below!

Click here for people with lived experience

Click here for service providers


Below is a brief schedule to help you understand what will be happening during each day of the Hustle. Each day is broken into segments. Feel free to join segments that fit with your schedule.

Friday, 06/01

Kick off and Ideation|6:30pm-10:00pm|Dinner provided

We will introduce everyone to the Hustle, go over the agenda and goals for the weekend, and get everyone ready and in the right mindset for coming up with new ideas surrounding the topic areas (above.) By the end of the night, everyone will know which group and topic area they will be focusing on for the rest of the weekend!

Saturday, 06/02

Concept Development|8:00am-12:00pm|Breakfast provided

Teams will meet in the morning to start building their ideas from the night before into service concepts. The Hustle will provide instruction on how to do this! By lunch, teams will be ready to begin testing assumptions and exciting ideas about their concept.

Concept Prototyping|12:00pm-6:30pm|Lunch provided

Teams will spend the afternoon building simple prototypes to help them test their concepts to see how they could look in the real world. Teams will take what they learn from testing and modify their initial ideas to make them more useful and more exciting!

Concept Narrative|6:30pm-10:00pm|Dinner provided

Teams will begin constructing their concept narrative, or the way they would like to communicate their service concept to the rest of the Hustle. Will it be a presentation? A make-believe commercial? There are no rules! Each group will find its own way.

Sunday, 06/03

Presentation Preparation|8:00am-12:00pm|Breakfast provided

Teams will spend this time building and practicing their final presentation to the rest of the Hustle.

Presentations to HACA|12:00pm-3:00pm|Lunch provided

Each team will present their service concept to members of the Homelessness Advisory Committee of Austin (HACA.)


Why should I come to the Hustle?

This is a great opportunity to learn new skills, meet new people, and think differently about your life and work! You are crucial to the success of this event! We believe ideas should come from the people who actually understand and live the homeless experience: people on the streets and service providers. Only you know the complexities of your day or your job. Only you know what you need. Your opinion matters.

Additionally, the Hustle is a great opportunity to learn new skills. Design is one of the fastest-growing professions in the US and has been connected to a lot of high-impact social initiatives. We’re here to help everyone learn and have fun doing it! Karaoke, improv, and lots of yummy food will help the time fly by and keep you energized during the event!

What can I expect if I attend?

This is a weekend for you to ask “Why?” like a kid, dream big, forget convention, and just make stuff for and with real people with real problems! The challenge for the weekend is to identify and understand system needs around the provided topic areas (above,) ideate and prototype concepts to help these topics, and deliver a service concept to the Homelessness Advisory Committee of Austin (HACA) by Sunday afternoon. It’s okay if all of this sounds like nonsense to you because you’ll have designers working with you to moderate and pace the activities! What should I bring? Not a lot! The workspace, basic office supplies, and wifi will be there for you- but please bring anything else that you might want to use: like your sketchbooks, computer, journal, or things that help you feel comfortable.

Will I be fed?

Yes! We will be providing food and coffee and snacks and fun because the Hustle moves fast and we want to keep distractions low and energy high! All meals during the event will be provided by the City of Austin’s Office of Innovation! If you have food allergies or dietary restrictions, please let us know in our registration form once you claim your seat to the Hustle.

What if I can only attend part of the Hustle?

The Hustle runs from Friday evening on June 1st to Sunday afternoon on June 3rd. You’ll get the most out of the weekend if you come for the entirety of it, but we understand that that is a lot to ask of people! Because of this, we’ve broken the weekend into six separate time slots. During registration, please select the time slots you are able to attend! And don’t worry: we understand how life goes, so arriving a bit late/leaving a bit early or stepping out for a while is ok.

Where can I park?

Throughout the weekend, you can park FOR FREE at the City Hall parking garage (301 W 2nd st). Just be sure to bring your ticket so we can validate it for you. The City Hall parking garage is about an eight minute walk from the Faulk Library. If you’d like to park closer to the event, there is ample street parking around the Faulk Library. If you require closer parking to Faulk and are unable to pay for it, please reach out to us to let us know and we will work it out.

What about my other appointments and curfews?

Please let us know in the registration form if you have any conflicting appointments or curfews. We will make sure you’ll have time to make your appointments and will help you extend curfews to the best of our abilities!

What about my friends?

The Hustle is open to everyone who has registered! Please use the registration form, linked above, to sign up. There is a section of the form where you can add the names of the people you would like to bring to the Hustle!

Any additional questions? Can’t sign up online?

Email us at or call 512.537.3319!