Design, Technology, and Innovation Projects


What’s odd

We launched our Office of Design & Delivery in May 2018 to scale our capacity for designing and delivering the best possible services for our residents.

This site includes links to resources that we used to help build and support the program since early 2016. In most cases, we also include links to github issues for members of the community to ask questions and provide feedback on our work. If you don’t see an issue link, feel free to create one!

We encourage you to re-use this work and build on it for your organizations. When you do, please let us know by tweeting at @civiqueso!



We started with an experiment. Building on learnings from the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, 18F, and the U.S. Digital Service, we launched the City of Austin’s Design, Technology & Innovation Fellows program in Summer 2016 to “bring the principles, values, and practices of the technology sector into government.”

We launched our Fellows program with four goals:

  1. Work directly with departments to deliver the best possible services
  2. Introduce and refine practices for user-centered design
  3. Introduce and refine practices for iterative, open-source development
  4. Establish a creative culture that inspires more people to join the city

Over the next two years, we hired over 35 design and technology specialists to improve services around permitting, recycling, homelessness, and public safety. We introduced and refined practices for user research, service design, content strategy, engineering, and product management, and we launched Austin’s first Digital Services Strategy with a new platform at

In May 2018, we became a more permanent and sustainable part of the City of Austin as a division of the Communications & Technology Management Department, where we lead design, development, and product strategy for, CTXfloods, the Paperless Initiative, and Collaboration & Knowledge Management across departments.

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