Design, Technology, and Innovation Projects


Overall, we saw some themes emerge when talking to different groups about why they might visit You’ll see that accuracy, communication, clarify, and conditions are oft-repeated terms.

Broadcast Media

  • Clarify severity of storm / situation
  • Accurately convey whether public’s route is safe & clear

Citizen Storm Spotters

  • Convey conditions through images and information, using reliable sources

Emergency Management

  • Quick reference for where problems exist
  • Provide a way for the public to check and validate conditions so they can make good, safe decisions

Emergency Medical Services

  • Enable reactive & proactive responses

Flood Early Warning System

  • Communicate accurate information on conditions

School Transportation Dispatchers

  • Ensure safety of children
  • Create understanding with parents

Weather Service

  • Accurately warn public of area affected by severe weather
  • Gauge past performances


  • Safely route travel
  • Plan timing of travel through crossings
  • Act as safety ambassadors


  1. Mobile use is high-priority
  2. Impacts situational awareness for many groups
  3. Accuracy is a key motivator for use, but reliability is a pain point
    • Opportunity via timestamped data
    • Opportunity via status context
    • Opportunity via imagery
    • Opportunity via realtime data
  4. Regional information is important for routing and assessment
  5. Recovery is a period where support is needed