Design, Technology, and Innovation Projects



SUMMITweek is an opportunity to convene and connect across our Design, Technology, and Innovation projects and get aligned on projects and practices across our disciplines.


Our Design, Technology, and Innovation Fellows program launched in Summer 2016 with four goals:

  1. Work directly with departments to deliver the best possible services
  2. Introduce and refine practices for user-centered design
  3. Introduce and refine practices for iterative, open-source development
  4. Establish a creative culture that inspires more people to join the city

Over the following year and a half, we totally accomplished all four of these goals. Success!

But! We didn’t had a dedicated budget to hire folks for the program, so we brought on staff as they were needed for specific projects. Seven people in August 2016, an additional person in September, two more people in October, another in November, three more people in January, etc, onboarding over 30 new employees over the course of our first year, and our onboarding materials evolved as we grew.

At the same time, more folks from CTM and across City departments have joined our teams, with a group of 40+ people across a wide range of skillsets making up the core of our organizational culture.

As of February 2018, we’re a year and a half into this experiment and have a pretty good idea of how to work across our disciplines and projects. SUMMITweek gives us the space and time to share those practices and policies across our teams so that we can be as collaborative and productive as possible.

  • Day one focuses on how the City of Austin works and basic policies relating to all City employees.
  • Day two is free during the day, with an optional evening event at Google Fiber Space on the future of Austin’s Civic Tech Community.
  • Day three is open to other local governments and is an opportunity to expand our networks and impact across Central Texas