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Displacement Mitigation Action Accelerator

Nov. 12 - 13 & Dec. 13

The City of Austin Office of Innovation invites you to the Displacement Mitigation Action Accelerator! The Accelerator is a 3-day event to catalyze community-generated concepts that mitigate displacement.

What is this event about?

This is a unique opportunity to work on possible solutions and get seed money to build evidence about concepts that work to fight displacement. We have designed a space for you and community collaborators to build an accelerated pathway for displacement mitigation interventions in three focus areas that will significantly impact this problem in Austin:

A. Evictions and non-court methods of evictions

In Austin, many displacements occur at the individual level through formal evictions and through “non-court” methods. There are about 6,700 evictions a year in the city, but research indicates that “non-court” ordered methods likely make up a majority of displacement. These non-court methods can include arbitrary rent increases, enforcement of punitive “house rules,” but data is limited on the number and variety of these methods. We especially seek to advance concepts that can help residents adapt or respond to non-court methods of evictions.

B. Alternate income-generating or cost-reducing options for homeowners

It is difficult for many households to adapt to rising costs. Data analysis indicates a universe of need of approximately 23,608 homeowner households vulnerable to displacement. Whether it is accommodating additional structures, renting spare rooms, or another opportunity to be identified, we seek to accelerate concepts that could result in income-generating opportunities for homeowner residents, so that they might adapt to rising costs.

C. Holistic service packages and combinations to stabilize residents in their neighborhoods

Most services are not designed with displacement in mind. However, social service providers have suggested that there is a right-sized combination of services and programs can help people at risk of being displaced. What that mix looks like changes in each neighborhood, for each situation. We are looking for new and creative collaborations amongst organizations, that might re-combine available resources into a displacement mitigation approach.

How to participate?

We want to be intentional and focused, so we request that you put forward short concepts (only 4-5 sentences) that you or your organization have regarding one of the three focus areas mentioned above. To participate at the event, please:

I want to participate and I have a concept…

  1. Pick one of the three focus areas you want to work on
  2. Think of a concept –related to the three focus areas– that you have been wanting to try for a while
    Hint: The right concept is something you have thought of before and said: “This could work!” Think of what will impact communities in the near-term future..
  3. Once you have decided on a concept, fill out this form
  4. Review the problem frames we will send you in the next couple of days
  5. Come to the event on Nov. 12th ready to iterate on your concept and collaborate!

I want to participate but I don’t have a concept…

If you don’t have a concept to pitch but want to come and lend a hand with your lived experience knowledge, we will gladly welcome your experience.

We believe your time is valuable and compensation is available for coming to share your lived experience knowledge.

I want to participate but I’ll need some help to attend…

Whether you are on a team submitting a concept or you want to come lend a hand with your lived experience, if you have a barrier that would make it impossible for you to come –childcare, transportation, translation/interpretation, or missed work– please fill out this form and let us know what you need.

You can also fill the form out for a teammate that has difficulty doing this.

What do you mean by “lived experience”? Lived experience means that you know what it means to live the pressures of gentrification and displacement in your day to day. You know your community, its strengths, vulnerabilities and areas of opportunity.

Dates to keep in mind:

Application Due Date: Nov. 10, 2019 by 11:59 PM

Orientation: Nov. 12th - 3:00 PM to 5:30 PM at Conley-Guerrero Senior Activity Center

Work: Nov. 13th - 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM at the Faulk Library

Pitch and Awards: Dec. 13th - 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM at Austin Central Library in the Gallery (found on the main floor)

After our first day of activities we are heading to the Austin Impact Accelerator. It will be a great way to get inspiration for our work ahead. Register here.

For the purposes of this event, displacement is moving from your home when you do not want to, and it is connected to gentrification