Design, Technology, and Innovation Projects

These are questions we have received from Accelerator participants that relate to the prototyping period and December 13 event. We will add questions and answers here as we receive them.

About the pitch: How much time will we have to pitch? Can the pitch contain A/V components? May we pass out written materials or graphics? Do we have to attend the entire December 13th event, or can we just attend for our pitch? Will the pitch schedule be known in advance?

  • Your pitch may last up to 5 minutes, which will be followed by 5 minutes of questions and answers from the judges.
  • Teams will submit a one-page updated Napkin Pitch by December 11 to support their pitch. The Innovation Office will provide a template for the updated Napkin Pitch, and it will be also available at the December 3 session with 3-Day Startup for teams to work with.
  • Teams may use audio/visual presentation slides during their pitch. Please make sure you can access your presentation online via a link, or bring it on a flash drive. Though not prohibited, digital and/or print materials that are not part of the 5-minute pitch presentation will not be considered by the judges.
  • The pitch schedule will be published by December 9 on the event website.
  • We encourage you to attend the full event to support all teams and minimize entry and exit disruptions to the room. If an unforeseen emergency arises that requires you to leave the event after you have pitched, you will not be disqualified.

Are we guaranteed funding?

  • We cannot guarantee funding for all concepts/teams, but multiple teams may be awarded dollars. Final awards will depend on performance under the evaluation criteria established for the December 13 pitch.

Do I have to attend all of the sessions offered by the technical assistants?

  • No, please make use of the technical assistance as you see fit for your project. HOWEVER, we highly recommend you attend the two offerings from 3-Day Startup related to the pitch session. 3-Day Startup will help you work on your pitch using the same evaluation framework that the judges will use on December 13.

What does a team’s fiscal status have to be to receive funds if awarded?

  • A team must be incorporated in a manner that allows them to receive payment as a vendor from the City. A team may otherwise make use of a fiscal agent who can receive funding on their behalf.

Will teams have access to the pitch evaluation criteria?

  • Yes, we will make the evaluation criteria available to teams as soon as possible before December 13.

What is the purpose of the Accelerator? What is The Office of Innovation’s goal for the Accelerator?

  • The Accelerator’s goal is to stimulate action led by community that fills gaps in the City’s current capacity/operations around displacement in Austin neighborhoods. These actions should be based on the research that the i-team conducted on displacement, and the community’s own lived experience, in order to meet the community’s needs while mitigating displacement.

How can my team get help designing interviews if I’m not able to access the technical advisors?

  • If you’re not able to connect with technical advisors due to scheduling conflicts, please reach out to the Innovation Office and we’ll make sure you get the advice you need in a timely manner! You can also contact the technical advisors and coordinate individual conversations outside of the scheduled group sessions.

Is there a way to help defray costs that teams may incur for small miscellaneous expenses from concept testing in preparation for the December 13 event?

  • Please email the Office of Innovation and let us know your needs and we will work to provide this type of assistance.

Is there compensation available for residnets in exchange for interview and/or survey feedback?

  • Yes, please share those needs with Measure Austin. We have set up a payment method and guidelines with them, and they will be able to process compensation for individuals.

Can you provide additional data sources and/or help us navigate the Neighborhood Strategy Stabilization Tool?

  • Please email the Office of Innovation and let us know your needs. We will attempt to provide this type of assistance.

I need technical assistance that is different from the available assistance. Can you help?

  • Please email the Office of Innovation and let us know your needs. We will attempt to provide this type of assistance. We will make all types of technical assistance available to all teams.

If a team is awarded dollars, do they have to spend them on the activities they pitched for?

  • Funds are strictly provided for the activities described in your pitch. If awarded, your pitch will become the scope of work in the grant agreement. A contract describing approved activities will be required for the disbursement of dollars.

Will the Final Napkin Pitch save answers already entered if we cannot finish all at once?

  • The web tool for the form will require you to complete the questions all at once. However, you can click through all of the questions to see them in advance, work on a separate document and just copy paste in when you are ready to submit.

Can we share our Google Slide presentation on Thursday before the Pitch?

  • Teams can share their Google Slide presentation link over email to Alba Sereno.

How many awards will be available?

  • There are six awards available ranging from $10,000 to $50,000.

If our concept requires more than $50,000 how do we write that up in the application?

  • Segment what you are able to accomplish with different levels of funds.